House of Xhaos

Rosh Zeeba…

…bringt eine Überraschung mit.

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Video. Performance. Multimedia Installation. Photography. Scenic Space. Mise en Scène.
Teheran. Ruhrgebiet. Hamburg.
Applied Theater Studies, Gießen. University of Fine Arts, Hamburg.

House o Xhaos / RoxXy Xhaos is a multimedia performance project by Rosh Zeeba.
Appearances and keywords: Identity loss, remebering, transgressive clowns, dandyism and boredom, showgirls with two left feet, uncanny doppelganger and political schizophrenia, authorship and sampling, intentional tracing, exaggeration and withdrawal, geometry and colors, icons and animism.
She works in collaboration with sound artists, theorists, drag kings and queens and accidental encounters of all shades.

Rosh Zeeba on Vimeo

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