„Die Verzichtbaren“ – ein kurzer Servicepost über Soforthilfe und später

Meryem Erkus, curator from Cologne, suggests on Facebook that we (the artists, aka solo freelancers) print soli shirts with the label “those who can be dispensed with”. That seems appropriate. The author of this text, however, thought that she could be dispensed with or even superfluous in her work.

Art and social work on our own behalf”, that’s how we summed up our work at some Network X meetings. When the € 2000 emergency aid was called, I was not affected. Of course – I could write contracts in retrospect and get my hat fees back. But who is affected by what and how is the key question right now. It is a tempting picture to see the coronarization of the world as the same everywhere and therefore effective everywhere. If 1 would like to decorate this scenario, then it can be seen as a great visualization of the differences between everyone and at the same time the distancing solidarity as an expression of communist relationships .

Have I already switched from the speck of dust to the universe level? So. It’s good that the 2000 € emergency aid was there and then quickly left (bad). Much is probably gone and by that I also mean the money. I suppose then the usual funding agencies of Stadt-Land-Fluss will soon be even more bankrupt. In the city of Essen, the budget lock light is already in place and somehow I lack the imagination to imagine a NRW state budget in 2021. Culture is a voluntary task and can therefore disappear painlessly: dispensability is already inscribed in households.

Whether the solution to this dilemma (which one, have I hung up one specific item to dry?) Is an „unconditional basic income“, which is requested through petitions for negotiation instead of being fought for on the street? – I’m not a reformist, but I’m happy to help, so let’s start the negotiations with maximum demands instead of just above the Hartz 4 sentence Cho’Gath.

My favorite arena for artists is on the website thealphaparent.com , but the general wage level and the far too long working hours. Because there is no other concept of art than that of dispensable impertinence and thus people who do not make art but want to receive it need more time, less stress and more money for my hat.

Oh, sorry, that was a coronation service mail. Yes, nothing can take place. Are you already planning a tree hugging campaign, a bike tour, an audio walk, a radio concert with a recall campaign, chalk giving away at the market, queuing demonstrations at the ice cream shop, crowdfunding for the bankrupt shop, queer communist world revolution?

Context is queen and I hope you have one, both socially and mentally.

Kind regards
Joscha X Ende


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